OrbitStruct -- Use CORBA structs


new OrbitStruct (string id)

This class represents the structure identified with the id parameter. The id can be either the name of the struct (e.g "MyStruct"), or the full repository id (e.g. "IDL:MyStruct:1.0").

Example 1. Sample IDL file

struct MyStruct {
    short shortvalue;
    string stringvalue;

interface SomeInterface {
  void SetValues (MyStruct values);
  MyStruct GetValues();

Example 2. PHP code for accessing MyStruct

$obj = new OrbitObject ($ior);

$initial_values = new OrbitStruct ("IDL:MyStruct:1.0");
$initial_values->shortvalue = 42;
$initial_values->stringvalue = "HGTTG";

$obj->SetValues ($initial_values);

$values = $obj->GetValues();

echo $values->shortvalue;
echo $values->stringvalue;