(PHP 3>= 3.0.7, PHP 4 >= 4.0b2)

getrusage -- Get the current resource usages.


array getrusage ([int who])

This is an interface to getrusage(2). It returns an associative array containing the data returned from the system call. If who is 1, getrusage will be called with RUSAGE_CHILDREN.

All entries are accessible by using their documented field names.

Example 1. Getrusage Example

$dat = getrusage();
echo $dat["ru_nswap"];         # number of swaps
echo $dat["ru_majflt"];        # number of page faults
echo $dat["ru_utime.tv_sec"];  # user time used (seconds)
echo $dat["ru_utime.tv_usec"]; # user time used (microseconds)
See your system's man page on getrusage(2) for more details.