(PHP 4 )

phpcredits -- Prints out the credits for PHP.


void phpcredits (int flag)

This function prints out the credits listing the PHP developers, modules, etc. It generates the appropriate HTML codes to insert the information in a page. A parameter indicating what will be printed (a pre-defined constant flag, see table below) needs to be passed. For example to print the general credits, you will use somewhere in your code:


And if you want to print the core developers and the documentation group, in a page of its own, you will use:


And if you feel like embedding all the credits in your page, then code like the one below will do it:

  <title>My credits page</title>
 // some code of your own
 // some more code

Table 1. Pre-defined phpcredits() flags

CREDITS_ALL All the credits, equivalent to using: CREDITS_DOCS + CREDITS_GENERAL + CREDITS_GROUP + CREDITS_MODULES + CREDITS_FULLPAGE. It generates a complete stand-alone HTML page with the appropriate tags.
CREDITS_DOCSThe credits for the documentation team
CREDITS_FULLPAGE Usually used in combination with the other flags. Indicates that the a complete stand-alone HTML page needs to be printed including the information indicated by the other flags.
CREDITS_GENERAL General credits: Language design and concept, PHP 4.0 authors and SAPI module.
CREDITS_GROUPA list of the core developers
CREDITS_MODULESA list of the extension modules for PHP, and their authors
CREDITS_SAPIA list of the server API modules for PHP, and their authors

See also phpinfo(), phpversion(), php_logo_guid().