IV. BCMath Arbitrary Precision Mathematics Functions

These functions are only available if PHP was configured with --enable-bcmath.

Note: Due to changes in the licensing, the BCMATH library is distributed separate from the standard PHP source distribution. You can download the tar-gzipped archive at the url: http://www.php.net/extra/number4.tar.gz. Read the file README.BCMATH in the PHP distribution for more information.

Table of Contents
bcadd — Add two arbitrary precision numbers
bccomp — Compare two arbitrary precision numbers
bcdiv — Divide two arbitrary precision numbers
bcmod — Get modulus of an arbitrary precision number
bcmul — Multiply two arbitrary precision number
bcpow — Raise an arbitrary precision number to another
bcscale — Set default scale parameter for all bc math functions
bcsqrt — Get the square root of an arbitray precision number
bcsub — Subtract one arbitrary precision number from another