V. Bzip2 Compression Functions

This module uses the functions of the bzip2 library by Julian Seward to transparently read and write bzip2 (.bz2) compressed files.

bzip2 support in PHP is not enabled by default. You will need to use the --with-bz2[=DIR] configuration option when compiling php to enable bzip2 support. This module requires bzip2/libbzip2 version >= 1.0.x.

Small code example

This example opens a temporary file and writes a test string to it, then prints out the contents of the file.

Example 1. Small bzip2 Example


$filename = "/tmp/testfile.bz2";
$str = "This is a test string.\n";

// open file for writing
$bz = bzopen($filename, "w");

// write string to file
bzwrite($bz, $str);

// close file

// open file for reading
$bz = bzopen($filename, "r");

// read 10 characters
print bzread($bz, 10);

// output until end of the file (or the next 1024 char) and close it.  
print bzread($bz);


Table of Contents
bzclose — Close a bzip2 file pointer
bzcompress — Compress a string into bzip2 encoded data
bzdecompress — Decompresses bzip2 encoded data
bzerrno — Returns a bzip2 error number
bzerror — Returns the bzip2 error number and error string in an array
bzerrstr — Returns a bzip2 error string
bzflush — Force a write of all buffered data
bzopen — Open a bzip2 compressed file
bzread — Binary safe bzip2 file read
bzwrite — Binary safe bzip2 file write