Chapter 10. Operators

Table of Contents
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Bitwise Operators
Comparison Operators
Error Control Operators
Execution Operators
Incrementing/Decrementing Operators
Logical Operators
Operator Precedence
String Operators

Arithmetic Operators

Remember basic arithmetic from school? These work just like those.

Table 10-1. Arithmetic Operators

$a + $bAdditionSum of $a and $b.
$a - $bSubtractionDifference of $a and $b.
$a * $bMultiplicationProduct of $a and $b.
$a / $bDivisionQuotient of $a and $b.
$a % $bModulusRemainder of $a divided by $b.

The division operator ("/") returns an integer value (the result of an integer division) if the two operands are integers (or strings that get converted to integers) and the quotient is an integer. If either operand is a floating-point value, or the operation results in a non-integer value, a floating-point value is returned.